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Rory Cochrane as CURTIS LASKY




A failed actor discovers how little it takes to be a V.I.P. in a small town -- and what can happen when you abuse that small amount of fame -- in this independent drama. Philip Van Horn  left his tiny hometown of Cuba, Missouri, to move to Hollywood, with big dreams of making it as an actor. Thirteen years later, Philip has nothing but a handful of walk-ons and bit parts to show for his ambitions, and he returns to Cuba to visit his mother Rose feeling like a failure. However, most of the locals treat him as if he's a big shot -- after all, he's been in movies with Jeff Bridges and Molly Ringwald, so he must be some sort of star, right? Philip knows better, but he doesn't let on, since he hopes his new reputation in town will attract the attention of Dorothy his unrequited crush from high school who still lives in Cuba. However, the last 13 years have been much crueler to Dorothy than Philip; she's now a depressed, alcoholic hairdresser involved with Ezra a racist thug who thinks that blacks are to blame for his inability to get out of town. Dorothy and Philip soon fall into a romance, which does not please Ezra, who already has a number of local drug dealers after him.

Karen Black and writer/director George Hickenlooper both won awards for their work on this film at the 1998 Hermosa Beach Film Festival.

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